By Manan Desai

MGMT Reveals 'Congratulations' Cover Art

The members of MGMT unveiled the artwork for their forthcoming sophomore release, Congratulations. Equal parts Tex Avery and late-'80s kitsch, the album cover was designed by pioneering lowbrow artist Anthony Ausgang, whose resume includes artwork for the Boredoms, the Warlocks, Apollo 440, and David Lee Roth. (Yeah, that one.) In an interview with Boing Boing, Ausgang explains that former Spacemen 3 member and Congratulations producer Pete Kember brokered the introduction to the Brooklyn-based duo, who'd apparently been recording the album between breaks of surfing in Malibu. The album is slated to drop April 13 on Sony/Columbia. No word yet on whether the cover reveals a magic image if you squint really hard.