, April 14, 2010
By Brent Koepp

Packaging Review: MGMT – Congratulations

Just like the recent Dr. Dog packaging, MGMT opted for a fold out poster that has the lyrics on one side, and a picture on the other. Unlike Dr. Dog, the fold out poster doesn’t have nice art. Instead, it’s a poorly photoshopped picture of the entire band doing various things, all on blue paper. The picture itself isn’t very appealing, and neither is the color. Their decision for the art inside the packaging is a bit bizarre, as none of it reflects the ridiculous cartoon art on the front. Thematically, the packaging is all over the place, and it comes across as jarring. Quantity wise, there isn’t much here. The packaging is flimsy, and the only thing you get is the fold out poster – which has art that I can’t see anyone enjoying.

Note: Unfortunately, none of the major chains had the limited edition with the scratch off album art. We went to four stores looking for it, and it seems like only Amazon, Wal Mart & have them for sale. Altho we couldn’t find any copies.

Verdict: I can’t recommend this to most people. If you are a big MGMT fan, you might be disappointed. Then again, Oracular also didn’t have the greatest packaging, so maybe most (at this point) aren’t expecting an incredible package.