, February 17th, 2010
MGMT Unveil Face-Melting “Congratulations” Cover Art
By Oswald Hobbes

We like MGMT at Assault. And we’re eagerly anticipating their new album, Congratulations. It drops April 13th on Columbia Records and will probably incite fevered spaz-dancing in our headquarters until we get tired and sweaty (or run out of designer drugs). They released a tracklist last week, but now we have something even better: the cover art. And it is amazing – the kind of thing you can stare at for hours, provided you have the proper chemical accompaniment.

I mean, wow – just look at that thing! Artwork is courtesy of Anthony Ausgang, a guy who probably knows his way around the fun kind of mushrooms. This has to tie with Yeasayer’s Odd Blood cover as strangest of the year (so far).