Interview by Justice Howard
February 2011

What got you started?

When I was young I had very bad teeth and was forced to wear an orthodontic headgear, a sort of strap that went around the back of my head and attached to a device that pushed my teeth toward the back of my mouth. I refused to go out in public wearing this medieval torture machine so I stayed in my room most of the time listening to Yes records and copying the artwork Roger Dean did for their covers.

What keeps you doing it?

Its far too late in the game for me to do anything else…

What’s your favorite thing to paint and why?

I’m sick of seeing people everywhere I go and the last thing I want to look at in a painting is more people. So I paint cats instead. I like to paint cats doing human stuff, like taking drugs, screwing and driving hot rods.

Who are some of the celebs who own your art (time for bragging rights here....)

Nicholas Cage owns several paintings, one of which he bought from Gisela Getty. She had been very happy with the painting until she was having a dinner party and a guest pointed out that I had painted several turds in the landscape. I once lived next door to Perry Farrell and I gave him a few drawings in trade for his personal toenail clippers. I did a small drawing on the ceiling  of Timothy Leary’s bathroom while I was on LSD and Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo bought a painting for fifty dollars.  Long Gone John of Sympathy For The Record Industry owns one of my best paintings as does Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3. That particular painting is of one cat giving a blowjob to another cat and Sonic’s grandmother really liked it until she realized that the cats weren’t playing with balls of yarn but balls of a different sort. Andrew VanWyngarten and Ben Goldwasser of MGMT own a bunch of drawings that I did while we were all tripping on mushrooms in Malibu. I left most of my early work out on the sidewalk of Western Avenue in Los Angeles so I don’t know where most of that went, although I do occasionally see them show up on Ebay or someone contacts me who got an  old painting at a yard sale or thrift shop.  

Your music preferences?

I listen to bootleg recordings of Rolling Stones concerts but only the ones when Mick Taylor was with the band. I also listen to Heavy Dub and sixty cycle per second hums. I’ll listen to anything that’s good, I’m a bit of an audio slut and my ears will open up for just about anything… Speaking of which, I have a friend that postulates that humans once had ear lids, that’s why we have that little bit of cartilage in front of our ear holes.

Favorite sexual position

I like to have the spike of a stiletto high heel in my mouth and the gas pedal to the floor…

What’s on your bucket list ?

I don’t know what the fuck that means but I have a novel coming out in March 2011 on Kerosene Bomb Books (K-Bomb Publishing) and always have a bunch of art shows coming up. Can I go to  the bathroom now?




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