Power Pathos Catalog, 2006


Power Pathos Catalog, 2006

Signed by Anthony Ausgang

8.5 x 9 inches, 44 full color pages
$30 including postage in the continental USA

POWER PATHOS was an exhibition in 2006 at the Station Museum in Houston, Texas. The show featured the work of five artists: Ron English, Clark Fox, Gibby Haynes, Daniel Johnston and Anthony Ausgang, all who have deep Texas roots. As an exhibition it is a contribution to a contemporary art movement that is rapidly becoming the mainstream for a growing number of young artists who are responding to the blitzkrieg of mass culture on their lives. Originating in the early 1990s (the end of the Cold War and the true beginning of the 21st century) the movement has appeared in several guises: Lowbrow/Pop Surrealism, Acid Pop, Massurealism, and Nobrow. To our mind, Pop Surrealism is the most apt. It identifies this new approach as the leading edge of a continuum from historical Surrealism to the present.